14 best things to do in Washintong : state When you think of the state of Washington the first thing that often comes to mind people is the sky needle, or if you are a TV / film fan may be gray anatomy or twilight – both of them happened in Washington. While these aspects have given reason tourists to visit, Evergreen countries offer more in terms of famous attractions, natural sites, and award-winning restaurants.

Below, without command, you will find some of the best places to go and things to do in the state of Washington which is definitely worth a visit on your next trip there.

1 -The Space Needle

The Space Needle

Because this is clear, we think it’s best to put it at the top of the list and get it out. As a tranever as we expected, a visit to space is quite exciting. The observation tower is one of the best known Seattle landmarks and is an icon that stands clearly against the famous city horizon. Initially it was built for the 1962 world exhibition and was once the highest structure in the West. Going to the level of observation in the structure is an encouraging experience; There is an all-glass floor that allows you to look straight down on ‘Level Lower’ while ‘top level’ has a ceiling floor to glass. Your ticket also includes a welcome photo, the ultimate selfie on the outside deck, and selfie zooming video. You can also have a snack or drink at the atmos Cafe or enjoy a small bit at the spinning lounge.these are among the best suggestions for what to do in washington state this is among  the 14 best thing to do in washington state  

2-Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park

Stretches more than 230,000 hectares, which include namesake Mt. Mt. Rinier, Mount Rainier National Park is required to be visited when in Washington. Icons in the state landscape, mountains and nearby national parks also include grasslands, forests, large rivers, and other water bodies. While some choose to go beautiful drive through the park, others can choose to learn more with hiking, mountain climbing, or camping. You will have access to various hiking lines and campsites, all of which provide amazing surroundings. Scaling Mt. Rinier, who is an active volcano towering more than 14,000 feet, can be an exciting challenge. Other things that must be done in cycling parks, fishing, or boating – all of which can be fun for visitors from all ages. There are also certain interesting and interesting ranger-led programs. During the winter months, you can choose to walk the snowshoe guided ranger, enjoy winter camping, or spend snow sliding time and skiing.

3-Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is an iconic permanent farmer market that stretches more than nine hectares of land. The public market opened in 1907, making it one of the oldest markets operated well in this country. It is a nice center to connect with local traders, craftsmen, artists, and small-scale farmers. The market is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Seattle and attracts more than ten million visitors every year. Be prepared to spend hours visiting different kiosks, buying fun trinkets, and partying on local food, just made. You will find collections and antiques that will catch the eyes, comic books, jewelry, books, souvenirs, and more at the lower level. At the top level, buy some fresh products or fresh fish and seafood to take back with you to eat delicious. After that, take a break in one of the many family-owned restaurants or a pleasant dessert kiosk that can be found scattered there.

4-Museum of Pop Culture

Museum of Pop Culture

Microsoft Paul Allen Co-Founder Wave, Pop Cultural Museum, or Mopop As known, is a non-profit museum that can be found in the heart of Seattle. Mopop is home to many exhibitions, sculpture sounds, educational resources, and interactive activity stations. You will find exhibitions on pop culture, ranging from horror cinemas to science fiction literature. Visitors of all ages like the sound lab and on stage where you can play with different instruments and appear for a virtual audience. The museum also has one of the largest indoor LED screens in the world and the largest collection of Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana artifacts. Museum board members consist of George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and James Cameron, so you know you can expect unexpectedly while visiting Washington pop culture museum.

5-Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens

Active Stratovolcano, Mount St. Helens can be found in the cascade range as part of the Volcanic Arc of the cascade. St. Helens is responsible for one of the deadliest volcanic events in US history; It happened in 1980 and leaving a crater in the form of a mile wide horse. Today, Mount St. Helens attract adventurers from all over the world. Beginner mountaineers and more experienced gather to volcanoes, which have been for years into popular ascent destinations. Open all year, there are several routes to choose from depending on your level of expertise and the weather. You will definitely find rough terrain parts no matter the route you choose, although the most standard hiking / mountain route is the Ridge monitor route; Round trip can take time starting from 7 to 12 hours.

6-Market Theater Gum Wall

Market Theater Gum Wall

Okay, here we come out before you get out. Yes, the Gum Wall Market Theater is a brick wall covered by gum used, but it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in downtown Seattle. The Gum Wall theater market is a local landmark that can be found at Post Alley under the Pike Place market. The literal wall, which is included in the theater market, has seen the tradition attached to the gums there since 1993 when customers will place coins between gum gum. Even though they tried to erode all the gum twice, the theater staff finally gave up and thought it was a tourist attraction. You will even see cool artwork made from chewing gum by local artists on the wall, and once you are there, you can even recognize it from the popular film Jennifer Aniston, love happens. Go ready to take some very cool photos!

7-Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium

Most major cities throughout the United States have aquarium but what makes the Seattle aquarium really stand out is the adorable and pleasant sea residents of course. You will meet with beavers, seals, giant shells, puffer fish, and attractive puget fish like shivering sculpins and pacific spiny lumpsuckers. Underwater Dome is one of the biggest aquarium exhibits and will take you through a short tunnel to the Dome Undersea exhibition of 360 degrees; You will find yourself surrounded by an exhibition of 400,000 gallons that have salmon, sharks, bright colored Rockwish deepwater, seaweed forest, and more. The whole experience is memorable for people of all ages and you will have an amazing time while there.

8-Curran Apple Orchard

Curran Apple Orchard image credit https://www.cityofup.com

There is a lot of culinary treats that must be tried when in Washington, but one of the most basic things you have to eat while there is an apple. The state of Washington produces more apples than other countries in this country. The history of Curran Apple Orchard came from 1951; They now have more than 15 varieties and 250 apple trees on their land. Visitors are invited to walk through the garden and choose their own apple during the season. Curran also hosted several annual events such as their presentation or summer concerts in the park that invited local bands, had a food stall, and was a fun way to spend a day outdoors.

9-Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square

If you are looking for a little culture and history, no longer visible from Pioneer Square. You will find everything from art and music to shop and eat at a place where the Seattle founder settled more than 150 years ago. There is always something to see, be done, and experienced it; For example, on the first Thursday every month Pioneer Square accommodates art walks where you will find the concentration of the largest art gallery in the city. You can spend hours shopping in many local businesses, belonging to family who have everything starting from trinkets to artisanal soap. If you are truly interested in adventure, continue the guided tour on the path to appreciate – a great and fun way for the whole family to learn about the early history of Seattle.

10-Ivar’s Salmon House

Ivar’s Salmon House

Talking about delicious things to eat while in Washington, our list will not be complete without suggesting an amazing place to eat salmon. Salmon is one of the most popular food in the state and you will find it in almost every restaurant you visit. Ivar has been around since 1938, making it an iconic part of the country’s restaurant scene. They offer 21 different dining experiences throughout the state, but Ivar’s Salmon House is dedicated to a delicious choice of salmon-based cuisine. Try the delicious Alder Smoke dishes that are prepared on the original American-style barbecue open, or choose instead of the Salmon of Cedar Plank Salmon Wild Alaska Sockeye which topped it with a truffle grain and served with their hand corn pudding.

11-Wild Waves Theme & Water Park

Wild Waves Theme & Water Park

It offers fun in the sun for the whole family, the Wild Waves & Water Park theme has dozens of roller coasters and rides for you and children. For those who are looking for the ultimate sensation, vehicles such as the Rollerhawas Timberhawk prey ride, ride the waterfall lumberjack, or I-5 Skycoaster Dive which combines skydiving and bungee jumping will make you scream at the top of your lungs. Small children might prefer Lowkey Space racers or Jeep Safari which are made specifically for them. After that, the whole family can go to the adjacent water park where the slide tube, riptide, lazy river, wave pool, and many more wait! Other facilities from the Wild Waves include rented cabanas and several dining options with various foods.

12-Seattle Japanese Garden

Seattle Japanese Garden

One of the oldest Japanese parks in the country, The Seattle Japanese Garden is worth a visit. The park, which can be found in Washington Park Arboretum, is also one of the most authentic Japanese parks that you will meet in the US. The 3½ acre park is designed similar to the 16th century street streets, which allow you to follow the winding way through everything you need to see. This includes a Japanese pool and landscape that resembles mountains, waterfalls, forests, lakes, and rivers. The Seattle Japanese Garden hosts many celebrations that you can attend throughout the year like Otsukimi (Moon Viewing) and Kodomo No Hai (children’s day).

13-Tillicum Village

Tillicum Village

Tillicum Village is located in Blake Island, off the coast of Seattle. Cruise and a four-hour sightseeing in Tillicum Village offered by Argosy Cruises; Visitors will be taken from the 55 pier by boat to Tillicum Village. Once there, you will be able to see people in the native tribal costume northwest coast, try the nectar clam, enjoy the appearance of cooking display where all salmon is cooked on cedar cakes on Alder wood fire, enjoy the freshly cooked salmon buffet, take it Local artwork, and enjoy the original performances and fairy tales by the KLALLAM and TILLICUM village dancers. This is a unique experience and something you will remember about your visit to Washington for years to come.

14-The Seattle Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel

   Finally on the list of our trips is the big wheel of Seattle, a giant Ferris wheel that can be found on the 57 dock at Ellicott Bay in Seattle. The Ferris wheel has been around since 2012 and at one point it is considered the highest Ferris wheel on the west coast. Throwing 175 feet, a ride on the big wheel of Seattle will provide views of the horizon and your amazing environment. We recommend going twice, one during the day and again when it’s dark – you won’t regret it! these are among the best suggestions for what to do in washington state  



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